Swedisch pet store chains Arken Zoo and Djurmagazinet merge

The two largest chains in the Swedish pet store industry, Arken Zoo and Djurmagazinet, merge. The new pet store chain consists of 110 pet stores with a turnover of SEK 800 million (€94 million – $123 million).

New CEO is Djumagazinet’s former operative chairman Ola Nyberg. “Becoming a large chain store with a total of 110 outlets gives us a fantastic opportunity to develop the pet store business as a whole. For example, we have a stronger position to challenge food retailers through greater joint purchasing of our quality products.

“Our long term goal is to offer more people the possibility to have a pet. Pets’ traditional position in families with children is today challenged by smartphones and tablets. We will counter that development with other, important and softer values,” said Ola Nyberg.

All employees at Djurmagazinet’s and Arken Zoo’s support offices will continue working in the new organisation. The joint support office will be located in Täby, near Stockholm, where Arken Zoo’s head office is today.

“When the former CEO of Arken Zoo Göran Grell and I met and discussed the idea of this merger a few months ago we instantly felt that this is exactly what the pet store industry needs, and the timing is absolutely right. In Sweden we have seen a consolidation of many other retail industries lately and we are convinced there’s a lot to gain for pet stores to do the same. We represent genuine knowledge, commitment and – not the least – we offer the experience of real animals that you can actually look at and pet in all our shops,” said Ola Nyberg.

The new company will have 110 outlets all over Sweden, from Gällivare north of the Arctic Circle to Ystad in the south. The individual outlets will continue to operate under the same brands, Arken Zoo and Djurmagazinet, as before. The name of the new company will be Zoo Support Nordic AB and is wholly-owned by Braganza. The total, yearly turnover for pet shop trade in Sweden is around 5 billion SEK (€587 million – $770 million) – half in pet shops and half in food retailers. The new, merged, Arken Zoo/Djurmagazinet will have a turnover of around 800 million SEK (€94 million – $123 million) and a purchasing volume of about 400 million SEK (€44 million – $58 million).